In the global endeavor to make data accessible to all for free, this page contains data sets that we have collected or created over time.

You can find datasets on: Abstracts for Text Mining Analysis, Urban Road Network Data, USGS Water Consumption, Chicago Road Ring Buffer Data, Worldwide Metro Networks

Abstracts used in Text Mining Analysis Study on Climate Change Research published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology

All 30,000+ abstracts and publication details used in the forum article "A text mining analysis of the climate change literature in industrial ecology" to analyze the literature for the Special Issue on Industrial Ecology for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. All abstracts were analyzed using the LiTCoF (Literature Topic Co-occurrence and Frequency) tool developed for that purpose that can be downloaded freely here.

Download PKL Data (used by LiTCoF tool) | Download CSV Data | Find on Zenodo | Publication

Urban Road Network Data

Urban road network data for 80 cities in the world, generated using the GISF2E ArcGIS tool on openstreetmap data. The entire data set is available permanently on figshare. If you are interested to contribute to the data set by running the tool on new cities and uploading your data on fig share, please contact us directly as csunlab @ uic . edu.

Download below or directly on figshare | Map of Cities Available | Publication

USGS Water Consumption

Per capita public use water withdrawals for every county in the United States. The data includes the years 1985, 1990, 1995, and 2005. The original data can be downloaded directly from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website. We also added the longitude and latitude of all county centroids.

Download Water Consumption Data | Publication

Chicago Road Ring Buffer Data

Road length data for the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) using a ring buffer approach. Starting in the city center, where the road system is the densest, road lengths are measured in 1km concentric rings up to 100km. The data also contain ring area that excludes Lake Michigan and areas outside the MSA boundary.

Download Chicago Road Length Data | Data Visualization | Publication

Worldwide Metro Networks

Adjacency matrices of 33 metros in the world. Only terminals and transfer stations are considered. Centrality of 15 metro networks in the world (on average and individual stations).

Download Adjacency | Download Centrality | Publication