3D Printing – Cardholder Design

Nearly every day, we hear of new 3D-printed products and designs, promoting the seemingly endless possibilities of 3D printing. CSUN’s Director Sybil Derrible wanted to play with 3D printing a little bit in Winter 2016, and what is a better way to do that than to 3D-print a personalized item! The figure below shows a design for a personalized cardholder. The original SolidWorks file can be downloaded here or by clicking on the picture; feel free to download it and edit it to add whatever message you prefer. The design was made by Katy Sitko. Kathy took the course CME311 Water Resources Engineering in Fall 2015 taught by Prof. Derrible and she was at the same time a teaching assistant for the introductory design course ME250. The cardholder is simple and works really well, I hope many of you will start 3D printing your own.

3D printing printed personalized cardholder card holder name SolidWorks