Concordia Park

In the 2015 winter course CME494 "Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure", taught by CSUN Director Sybil Derrible, student teams were asked to design a neighborhood had to be both livable and sustainable. As one of the team members, Kyle Wise and his team came up with great sketches for their neighborhood "Concordia Park". In Kyle's words: "The main focus of Concordia Park is to encourage a sense of community and promote a neighborhood environment much like a small town or community. By integrating multiple transportation options that include, but are not limited to cycling, public transit, and even water taxi access, the layout allows individuals to choose options best suited for their own needs, instead of relying on what is available. Also, by combining residential and commercial space, powered by solar energy and ground/water source heat pumps, the population density is distributed evenly so that residence can travel less. The idea is to promote sustainability as something that the people of Concordia Park would like to do, instead of something they simply need to do." Click on the picture for a full resolution pdf (23MB). Find more of Kyle's portfolio here.

Kyle Wise Concordia Park Sustainability Resilience Accessibility Neighborhood Community Class Spring 2015 CME494 Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure