Connectivity of the St-Pierre airport

The data visualization below was produced by a friend of CSUN, Trivik Verma, who completed his PhD in January 2016 at the ETH Zurich. He is now an Associate Publisher and the Lead Data Scientist of The Outdoor Journal. The figure (click for full resolution) shows the connectivity of the St-Pierre airport in St-Pierre and Miquelon. St-Pierre and Miquelon, with its 6,000 inhabitants, is a French-owned Overseas Territory located close to Canada and home of CSUN Director Sybil Derrible. The FSP airport serves only three airports: St-John's NL (YYT), Halifax NS (YHZ) and Montréal QC (YUL). Despite that, it is rapidly connected to most cities in the world thanks to a highly integrated worldwide air traffic network.

FSP, Saint-Pierre Airtport, Connectivity, Maximum Hops, Worldwide