Engineering Interdisciplinarity at UIC

This figure was produced by CSUN's Nasir Ahmad. It represents interdisciplinarity in Engineering at UIC. Essentially, it maps how much UIC papers in one engineering "subject" cite papers from other "subjects" from 1970 to 2013 (only subjects that were mentioned in 50 papers are shown). The data was collected from the Web of Science and processed using BiblioTools made by Sebastian Grauwin. The static visualization was achieved with Gephi (download pdf) and the dynamic visualization (click on the figure) was produced with the gexf javascript library that can be downloaded here. The network has a total of 56 nodes and 313 links; the average degree is 5.589; the average path length is 1.867; the network diameter is 5; and the average clustering coefficient is 0.251. The small average shortest-path length and the relatively high average clustering coefficient seem to suggest the network exhibits small-world porperties, which is obvously desirable for an interdisciplinarity network.

UIC Engineering Interdisciplinarity Graph - made using Gephi