Publishing, publishing, publishing. Here is a list of our publications relevant to CSUN, divided in five categories: featured publications, refereed publications, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, book reviews, conference abstracts & technical reports, and press.

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Featured Publications

Urban Engineering for Sustainabilty Book Cover, MIT Press, 2019, Cambridge, MA

Urban Engineering for Sustainability
MIT Press, 656 pages

Textbook with examples and problem sets by Sybil Derrible introducing urban infrastructure from an engineering perspective, with an emphasis on sustainability. See Table of Contents.

Front page of the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored workshop on Post-Disaster Materials and Environmental Management that occurred in Alexandria, Virginia (VA) on May 2-3 2019

Post-Disaster Materials and Environmental Management (PDMEM)

Report for NSF-sponsored workshop (award #1922539) to identify the research topics and questions pertaining to PDMEM.

Picture of CSUN Director Sybil Derrible giving a TEDx talk at Walter Payton College Prep High School in Chicago

TEDx Talk

Video of TEDx Talk from CSUN Director Sybil Derrible given at Walter Payton College Prep High School in Chicago, IL (recorded April 12, 2018).

Refereed Publications


Book Chapters

Conference Proceedings

Book Reviews

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