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complex and sustainable urban networks laboratory


Welcome to the website of the complex and sustainable urban networks (CSUN) laboratory.

We live in a fascinating world and we have some significant challenges to overcome. The mission of CSUN is to advance scientific knowledge and create software for the design of smart, sustainable, and resilient cities. This website aims to describe the activities going on within CSUN, but we also have many projects that are about to start, and we invite you to come back frequently.


Latest News

How will infrastructure be in 2100? How will transport, water, electricity, solid waste, and all other infrastructure systems that provide the critical services that our society relies on for its survival evolve in the 21st century? What form will they have? What functions will they provide?

This is the question CSUN Director Sybil Derrible and Professor Mikhail Chester (Arizona State University) asked themselves in April 2019. The answer is a new book titled Urban Infrastructure: Reflections for 2100 that features a series of science fiction short stories, essays, and poems contributed by 40 experts around the world. We call these contributions reflections. Some recurring themes are present across many reflections, including climate change, sustainability, resilience, and technology.

Written in 2020, it is impossible to predict how infrastructure will be in 2100. The goal of Urban Infrastructure: Reflections for 2100 is not to make accurate descriptions of the future. Instead, it is to provide a dialogue and visions of what we could hope for or fear. Only time will tell on which side of the balance we end up leaning.

You can learn more about the book and its contributors at 2100.resilientinfrastructure.org/.

We decided to publish the book independently to control its selling price. You can buy the print version for $21.00 (for the 2100) and the Kindle version of $14.52 (for the birth year of Leonardo De Vinci) on Amazon.

The book cover comes from the reflection of Prof. Callie W. Babbitt and Nora C. Babbitt. You can find more details about the picture in the book.

Feel free to contact CSUN Director Sybil Derrible, Professor Mikhail Chester, or any of the contributors if you have any questions.

Urban Infrastructure: Reflections for 2100 Book Cover, Independently published, 2020, 211 pages